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Tired of waiting for information from your IT staff? 

Do you have to ask someone else for reports every time you want something a little different? 

C-DAT Data Analysis Tool might be right for you! 

C-DAT is a sales tool that lets you compile your own information quickly and easily.  Select dollar sales, quantity sold, commissions paid, cost or margins for a host of user defined items like customers, items, regions, SIC code, sales rep, etc....  Specify time frame and view current data and data from previous years together.  Our intuitive package lets you decide what items in what order and with what name.  Add percentages, per units and variances where you want them.  Filter on the data elements that are important to you and do it all without asking anyone!

C-DAT connects to any ODBC compliant data base and allows each customer to map and name fields based on their requirements.  Specify access to data by user and each element they are cleared to view.  The users then collect their slice of the data and their off!

C-DAT screen shots